About Toysox

Toysox is a professional clothing company with a humoristic touch. Our strength lies within 20 years of manufacturing and marketing clothes.

We specialize in the manufacturing of underwear, pyjamas, home wear, and socks. Further we represent a Lithuanian company Dana Ltd and their ladies tights, leggings, stockings and socks.

We produce clothes with funny and engaging characters. We have acquired license rights to Finnish comics such as Viivi & Wagner and Fingerpori. Viivi & Wagner is a story about the relationship between a woman and a pig, when on the other hand Fingerpori is a satire about a fictitious Finnish town and its people. Further we have got the license rights to Kamut comics, original name is Mutts, made by Patrick McDonell. Mutts tell the story about the everyday life of a dog and cat living in symbiosis.

Our endearing products with cat, dog and pig characters have been proven to be very successful. Most recently we have started a brand new and exciting project: the Tommy Tabermann collection. The Finnish poet Tommy Tabermanns touching poems decorate romantic underwear, nightgowns and socks.

Our brand My legs is a qualitative and high-class fashion leg wear brand. My legs primarily include tights, leggings, stockings and socks of 10-100 deniers.

Further we also have private brand production and administration. Our professional designers design a collection according our customers needs and preferences.

We manufacture our clothes mainly in the EU, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Our factories are quality minded and the production is closely supervised. We value ethical working conditions and environmentally friendly operations.

We offer a high quality service in collaboration with partners that have many years of experience in the clothing industry.

Our slogan is, there are no problems only solutions.