Fundraising - easy-to-sell products and the best returns

Fundraising is easy and revenue collection is fast because the margin on products sold is good.
Sports club or class travel fund, uniforms or equipment and training shifts are easy to cover with fundraising.

Best fundraising return € 12 per package

You can raise funds by selling our products. Our best fundraiser is 12 € / package (incl. 3 pairs of socks)
E.g. by selling 3pcs / pack of sock packages for € 20 a package, you get a return of € 12 per package.

Our products for fundraising

Our selection includes socks, underwear, t-shirts, hoodies, technical outfits, leggings, towels and other textiles.

The normal margin for the product sold (eg sock pack) is € 12, but you can also determine the price and margin yourself.

Why our fundraising is worth it

  • Easy to sell products
  • High quality textiles, for everyday use
  • Products also with their own logo
  • Best 12 € return to seller for fundraising
  • Order first and pay when you sell

Products with their own logo

It is also possible to order all our products for sale with our own logo.

Fundraising for a sports club is easier by selling fan products with the club logo.
The school class can sell products with a class logo designed by them or e.g. t-shirts or towels even with a class photo.

Ask more about the minimum order quantities for products with your own logo.

Want more information on fundraising?

Contact us and we will plan a fundraising campaign together for you!

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